How To Use Tutorial

First You Need To Go Facebook Account Setting. Click Here

Then Go Public Posts. Check Screenshot Below

Then Set All Option Public Like Screenshot. Check Screeenshot Below

Then Go To Your Facebook Homepage. Set Your Post Privacy To Public. Check Screenshot Below

Then Come Back To Our FbAutoComment.Com

Then Click Login With Facebook. Check Screenshot Below

Then Wait 5 Second & Click Skip Ad. Check Screenshot Below.

Then Put Your Facebook Login Details There. Your Account is 100% safe. This Is for your access token generate. Check Screenshot Below

Then Click Request For Access Token Check Screenshot Below

Then You Will See Your Access Token In The Box. Copy All Token Then Submit Your Token, Also Input Captcha verification Code. After Input Captcha & Token Click Login. Check Screenshot below

Then Again Wait 5 Second. Then Click Skip Ad. Check screenshot below

Now You are In Homepage. Now You can Use any service From Us. Check screenshot below